Google is determined to create its own processors


Google решительно настроена создавать собственные процессорыThe company will not have to pay Qualcomm or Intel for their development.

Google has been developing not only software but also hardware. So, Google offers consumers a line of Pixel smartphones, laptops on the Chrome OS device for streaming movies to Chromecast, smart home products and so on. But what is really lacking the company’s own processor.

If you believe the LinkedIn profiles, job openings and the two industry leaders, the company hired more than ten engineers of microchips in Bangalore, India. To be more precise, the company has hired at least 16 of professional engineers and 4 talented newcomer to the team, “gChips”. All of them have previously worked for companies such as Intel, Qualcomm Inc, Broadcom and Nvidia Corp., according to their profiles on LinkedIn.
Hired by the developer, Rajat Bhargava worked for 10 years at Broadcom and worked for a year at Intel before moving to Google. One of the leaders said that the team Bengaluru can grow to 80 people by the end of the year. Google currently has 13 jobs available on positions related to the development of chips.

First, the company will not have to pay Qualcomm or Intel for their development. Secondly, Google will be able as flexibly as possible to design chipsets to suit your needs. The company can focus on processing, artificial intelligence, continuous voice recognition and so on. Chipsets are not only adapted for smartphones – their uses are many, for example, the smart column.

Google previously worked on their own Visual Core Pixel chip that uses HDR+ in smartphones Pixel. The company has also developed a security chip Titan M, Visual Processing Unit and Tensor Processing Units located in data centers giant.


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