Google introduced a VR-headset Daydream View for $79


The communication between the smartphone and the headset is established through the wireless interface.

In addition to the smartphones Pixel and Pixel XL, Google has revealed a new virtual reality platform Daydream View.

For a start, the View team put a lot of effort to create a special design, with attention to both comfort and appearance. In the manufacture of the headset includes soft, flexible and breathable materials, so it is quite easy and comfortable. A helmet can even be used over corrective glasses.

Google представила VR-гарнитуру Daydream View за $79

Google’s VR headset will also be available in several colors — Slate, Snow and Crimson. Continuing the theme abilities, Daydream View will have the opportunity to work with phones from other manufacturers, while Google Pixel and Pixel XL are the first supported devices. To connect the smartphone with the virtual reality headset is not required a wired connection, communication between the devices is established via the wireless interface.


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