Google introduced a game streaming service Stadia


Google представила игровой стриминговый сервис StadiaPlay through Stadia will be possible with different platforms.

Game lovers will find a pleasant surprise: Google launches cloud gaming service Stadia, announced at the game developers conference in San Francisco CEO Sundar Pichai.

Play through Stadia will be from different platforms – from phones, computers, tablets and televisions. Go to the game, in particular, can be a film – for example, by clicking after watching the trailer button “play now” (“to play now”), according Meduza.

The service will operate with 4K resolution, at 60 frames per second and HDR support. Google will release for Stadia own controller and runs the Studio for developing your own games.

Stadia will start in 2019. The exact launch date and the cost of the Stadia are not yet named.


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