Google has patented the swivel mechanism camera for smartphones


Google запатентовала механизм поворотной камеры для смартфоновManufacturers of modern smartphones flaunt their thick – Google figured out how to make them more “slimmer”.

The Internet giant has patented an original mechanism of the rotary camera for mobile phones that will “release” a place for 3.5 mm mini-Jack

Google engineers came up with an unusual mechanism for the rotating camera, designed for smartphones. Its essence is to use one camera that using the turning mirrors will be able to shoot as a main, and as front. The company filed соответствующnv.iauu an application for registration of a patent.

Thus, according to developers and Google, instead of two mediocre cameras, you can use one powerful. Which using turning mirrors will be able to shoot familiar to the user. With this solution in the body of the smartphone will be released for more space. In which will be possible without problems to place the 3.5 mm audio Jack.


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