Google found instances of the use of its services in Russia for interfering in elections


Google нашел факты использования своих сервисов Россией для вмешательства в выборы США

Google found evidence of the intervention of the Russian side through various company’s platform in the presidential campaign in the United States in 2016. This writes the newspaper the Washington Post, citing sources familiar with the investigation of the company.

On condition of anonymity, the officials told the publication that Google found evidence of the use of Russian users of YouTube, Gmail and advertising platform DoubleClick for display advertising, “spreading disinformation”. The total amount spent on this is valued at “tens of thousands of dollars”.

It is noted that the advertising purchased is not the same “Troll farm”, which was advertised in Facebook that “may indicate a significantly larger scale of Russian intervention”.

The investigation was launched by Google after the U.S. Congress demanded that the tech giants to define how Russian users used social media and online advertising to foment conflict in American society and its impact on the presidential campaign.

As told sources WP, Google found a Russian presence on their platforms using company data Twitter. This was done without the explicit cooperation of corporations, Google used access to Twitter data since 2006.

Google is able to associate Russian Twitter accounts with accounts on their services to buy advertising.

In September, Google reported conducting a wide search, including ads from American IP addresses, but installed the Russian language. Then, found the movement of approximately $50 thousand, promotion of politically oriented videos.

Google declined to comment on WP posts sources about the investigation.

Also in September it became known about the placement of political advertising in Facebook companies associated with the “Agency of Internet research” of the so-called Putin’s chef Eugene Prigogine. The representatives of the social network told the U.S. Commission dedicated to investigating Russian intervention in the American elections in 2016, that on 3 thousand political posts was spent not less than $100 thousand.


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