Google constantly SPYING on YOU. How to prevent it?


Google постоянно ШПИОНИТ ЗА ВАМИ. Как это предотвратить?

Google is constantly listening to you through a microphone. Here’s how to find these records!

The bad news is, Yes, it’s true. Good: you can delete.

Google quietly, not making any emphasis to users, listening to their conversations and stores them on servers.

And it is not even about what you say on the phone: your smartphone is watching you, even when just lying side by side on the table.

So if you have been using smartphones, you can listen to your conversations, которыеGoogle collected for many years.

The company, in fact, do not hide. Here to know about this fact, but if you’re going to read a huge multi-page “agreement for user“. Of course, no one does!

Why is it Google?

The company gives all collected information about you to its artificial intelligence. He learns to understand you, adapts to you and, theoretically, makes Google products more convenient for you.

Sort of sounds cool. But there are three “but”:

This information could fall into the wrong hands, if someone hacks the password to your account.

This information can be used against you if you happen to have a real conflict with the authorities.

This information is used in order to show you the most accurate, “sharpened” under the ads.

Fortunately, there is a way to understand all this and all this information to delete. All this can be done through a special, little-known service. You only need to log in and to clean up.

Here is your address:” rel=”nofollow”>Here are stored all the data, which were recorded by the microphone of your phone. If there is nothing, then you just didn’t use the voice assistant, i.e., never say “OK,Google”.

But” rel=”nofollow”>the complete dossier, which you collected by Google, based on what you do online.

Among other things, there are details of when and where you were (or rather, your phone), what you searched on the Internet; all the pages that you have downloaded.

But the most useful feature of this service is the ability to quickly remove everything from there. You can choose the checkbox for the records that you want to destroy, and can remove everything in one fell swoop. Click on the “Choose uninstallation options” in the left column.

And be sure to show your friends this article: they do not know for sure!


Konstantin Shiyan


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