Google Assistant to speak formally in Russian


Rumors about preparation of the Russian version of the voice assistant Google Assistant, the fusion network earlier this year, has turned out to be true. Representatives of Google has officially stated that the release of the service is not far off, but the exact date refused to name.

In Russia, Google Assistant will work in full, quote, “in the coming months”, and this concept is very extensible – you can wait at least until December 2019 in this scenario. What important Assistant in our country will only work on smartphones – tablets, smart speakers, TV set-top boxes and other gadgets based on Android OS, alas, still no cigar. Perhaps in the future the situation will change, but so far no prerequisites for this not expected.

Currently the Russian version of Google Assistant is in the stage of closed beta testing, and deadlines he simply does not. The service will replace the boring and silent Google Now and try to compete with Apple’s Siri. Recall that other voice assistant, cortana from Microsoft, also does not work in Russia, as well as Bixby from Samsung, but these applications have already been proven useless. Also we must not forget that our country is not officially sold by any of hardware solutions from Google, no smartphones, no tablets, or other gadgets and computers.


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