Gold prices hike by 3.22% in Bangladesh


Jewellers in Bangladesh have increased gold prices by maximum 3.22 per cent again to adjust the prices of precious metal with the global market.
The new price for per gram 22-carat gold has been fixed at BDT 4170, a slightly rise from BDT 4040 previously, according to an announcement, issued by the Bangladesh Jewellers Samity (BAJUS) on Saturday.
The revised prices with a hike of BDT 1,516.32 per bhori (11.664 grams) for the finest refined quality, 22 carats, will go into effect from Sunday.
The price of such gold rose to BDT 48,638.88 per bhori from BDT 47,122.56 on July 28.
The yellow metal costs $1,295 per ounce (2.654 bhori) now in the global market, which was $1,258 on July 27, 2017.
However, the price of silver, which is BDT 1,049.76 per bhori now, remains unchanged, the traders said.
The other categories of gold would be costlier by BDT 1,283.04 to BDT 1,166.40 per bhori.
(US$ 1=BDT 80.70)


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