Going to the theater can be just as healthy as exercise


Researchers claim that visiting the theatre can stimulate the cardiovascular system of a person almost as much as a half hour exercise.

Scientists from University College London (UCL) and Lancaster University monitored the heart rate and brain activity of 12 people who attended a musical drama “Dreamgirls” at the West end.

Поход в театр может быть таким же полезным для здоровья, как и физические упражнения

Increase heart rate

During the musical performance of the participants heart beating real fast — about 50 and 70 percent of their maximum heart rate on average for 28 minutes, the researchers said.

According to the British Fund for the fight against heart disease (BHF), the target heart rate of the person should fall somewhere between these two figures when he has a healthy workload for the cardiovascular system.

Although the participants sat in a chair throughout the performance, they are, according to the study, within an average of 28 minutes experienced “healthy cardio”.

Too early to abandon the gym

Head of experimental psychology at UCL Dr. Joseph Devlin said that the study “gives a fairly clear picture of what the visit to performances affects the activity of the cardiovascular system”.

However, he is warned to put away sneakers, preferring theater, stressing that the visits show should be a “Supplement” to more active forms of cardio, such as walking or running.

Emotional stress

According to Dr. Devlin, enhance mood plays and musicals aren’t the only types of theatrical activity, which can make to fight more often hearts of the audience.

“The best theatre performances, whether it be musicals, or something else, tend to become for the audience’s emotional journey. I suspect that all of this is important, said Dr. Devlin. — If it’s a story that really resonates with you, then you will change the heart rhythm. But if it leaves you indifferent, no matter whether it is a musical, with many musical numbers or not, you probably will not touch, because you really do not experience emotional stress”.

He added that the effect is compounded by the fact that the audience is with a live audience.


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