Go “Armata” without American electronics


Поедет ли "Армата" без американской электроники

From August 22 to take effect another anti-Russian U.S. sanctions. According to TV channel NBC, they will be divided into two packages, the first of which involves a complete ban on the supply to Russia of electronic devices and components of dual use.

If these restrictions somehow affect the production of Russian weapons and space missile and satellite development, “MK” told the experts.

An expert in the field of arms Alexander Brain believes that it is in respect of Washington announced restrictive measures against Russia, few specifics. In his opinion, “these sanctions won’t have much impact on our military products and more like exaggeration than to any real consequences.”

– All channels of supply long-closed, – said Alexander Mozgovoy. – Perhaps we are talking about some sohpisticated powerful computers, but I doubt that in this area we cooperate with them on military issues. I think this passion with the sanctions they are more pumped for my own audience, so to speak, for internal use.

As for Russian weapons, in particular our armored vehicles, for example, the tank “Armata”, which lately is a lot of talk, there of course used an electronic system. Perhaps they even observed some indirect American involvement. But it is very small.

All major American dual-purpose products is made in China. The Chinese copy everything that is possible and impossible, and then let out under own brand. And we often buy such products. Here, for example, recently, the Germans forbade us to sell their diesel engines for ships. So we now buy in China where they are produced under the Chinese brand. So sanctions just push us to either own production or to buy it in other countries, such as China. The war at the time, survived, survived the restructuring, and the sanctions the more will survive.

In respect of our space technology, according to some experts, the situation is somewhat worse, as the import substitution program launched a few years ago, fully working. Here, for example, told “MK”, academician of the Russian Academy of cosmonautics Alexander Zheleznyakov, answering the question whether the impact of the new package of American sanctions on our space programs, including the military:

– Yes, affect. But how exactly – can only assume, since there is no clear list of what Americans want to prohibit us to deliver. But keep in mind that the United States from the very beginning, as soon as we announced the first sanctions, withdrew from all international space programs, including the program “ISS”, a number of research projects the promising project of a manned lunar station. In all segments of cooperation, in which interested the Americans, sanctions are being imposed.

And yet, I think the restrictions that will be imposed now on our space plans, to some extent, still affect. Since the program of import substitution, we did not completely earned. Some components we continue to buy in the West, including in the United States. Well, perhaps, to a certain extent, though not too much, they can affect our national development.

And what’s the solution? For several years attempts are made to produce their own circuitry, and still we continue to buy it in the West. If now these providers, we will drastically lose what to do?

Well, first, it will not happen abruptly. We have four years under sanctions, and no one said it would be easier. So, as we engaged in the transition to our own element base, will do. And as here while there are difficulties, it is possible that some components will be purchased in China.

– These sanctions may somehow affect the timing of the creation of our new spacecraft “Federation”, which should replace manned “Unions”?

– Dramatic impact, I think, will not have. All that circuitry, which is now in question — and it says that it is dual purpose — it has to do with this. If we can prove that the necessary components will be used in the framework of the manned programs of international projects, no one no obstacles in purchase to repair we will not. Well, military satellites – communication, navigation – with that, Yes, something to do.

But punitive sanctions can influence only those satellites that are already in the process of manufacture. And for those that are being developed and will be produced in 20 years, you must immediately focus on another element base, to avoid dependence on supplies from the United States.

– Any response to their sanctions could be on our side? Some offer no longer take Americans into space on our “Unions”, or to refuse the delivery of our rocket engines RD-180 in the United States. It is in your opinion has any meaning?

– Absolutely no. Such a response, I think, anybody will not enter. Supplying engines is what is beneficial to us, as it is a decent money help to develop our rocket engine. Moreover, the Americans themselves want to withdraw from the purchase of our engines. If we go, this step can be considered more political than practical. So in response in space I do not see sense. As shown, international cooperation in this area is beneficial to all. Americans brought this topic out from under the sanctions.


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