Global warming: what the city can go under water


Глобальное потепление: какие города могут уйти под водуResearchers at NASA showed what can happen with the major cities of the world as a result of melting glaciers.

Scientists from the American space Agency, NASA, created the first program that predicts the possible areas of flooding as a result of melting of the ice sheet at a global scale and helps us to understand how cities in danger.

This computer model considers factors such as the speed of rotation of the Earth around its axis and the gravitational effects in the analysis of data on the possible areas of flooding.

Глобальное потепление: какие города могут уйти под воду

“This virtual tool gives for each major city picture of how it will influence the melting of glaciers and polar ice cover,” say the authors of the computer program.

“Various cities and countries trying to assess the extent of possible flooding so as to develop plans for the development over the next 100 years and more, and they want to be able to assess the risks, just as do insurance companies,” says project leader Dr. Erik Ivins.

Глобальное потепление: какие города могут уйти под воду

New virtual tool helps them to understand what glaciers and ice sheets pose the greatest danger, and to prepare for the worst development of events, notifying the townspeople.

As noted by another author Dr. Eric Larour, the program analyzes the data pertaining to three critical processes that determine changes in sea level around the world.


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