Global warming threatens world’s wheat crops


Глобальное потепление угрожает мировым урожаям пшеницы

Scientists from göttingen University found the impact of global warming on the production and shipments of wheat on the world market.

By 2100, droughts and fires on the Ground will happen 50% more often than today. If no action is taken, the rate on them can grow up to 300%. Now we have to do something to reduce carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere. Previously, experts have insisted on curbing global warming to 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels. As passed earlier, “КазахЗерно.kz” now it is impossible: it would be nice if we can contain it by 2°C.

What will happen by the end of the century if emissions of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are not reduced, but rather increased? It was discovered by scientists from the University of Goettingen in the framework of international research. Due to global warming, the risk of drought will increase by 3-4 times. It will affect the yield of wheat in the main regions of its cultivation.

Prolonged drought affected 60% of the world wheat crop. Even if the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will be reduced, the risk of suffering from the heat will still remain high. This conclusion was made after analyzing the extreme drought in the last 20 years. Always reduce wheat crops in the major regions of cultivation.

Wheat is the main crop, which affects the stability of the food market situation. If the yields will curb the drought, the market there will be a deficit. It will increase the price. They will increase and products that have it in the composition.

The world’s wheat is grown without irrigation. It is always keeps high demand. Therefore, the probability of occurrence of the food crisis in the future remains high, according to Schweizer Bauer.

The UN is fighting for the sustainable development of the countries of the world. The developed program, the second purpose which is within the progress in the Paris agreements is to combat hunger. I want to eliminate it by 2030 From around the world require strict compliance with certain requirements. In particular I want in the main regions of cultivation of wheat increased cultivated area. Farmers expand farmland in order to obtain more profit from its cultivation. According to scientists from göttingen University, not to encourage it. The extension of the area of agricultural land will lead to global warming even faster.

It is important in another way to fight hunger. It is important to concentrate and to coordinate policies in the field of agricultural Only way to prevent food shortages, to stop the unrest among the farmers and save the world from global warming.


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