Global HMD back to life brand Xpress-on


The Chinese holding company Global HMD actively animates the Nokia brand – just yesterday, he introduced a new version of cell phone 3310, and not far off the announcement of the new models are full-fledged smartphones. But that’s not all his plans for the next year: very soon from oblivion will return to the brand Xpress-on.

If someone does not know or have forgotten, Xpress-on is a brand name under which produced replacement panel for Nokia devices, which enjoyed great demand worldwide, because of the minimal money you could change the appearance of your gadget without buying a full replacement. In the new description brand Xpress-on refers to accessories, means of communication, and these include external speakers, removable panels, batteries, covers and more.

Thus, in the near future, the brand Xpress-on will get a new life and license to use the model of HMD Global extended until 2028, so to leave the market the new Nokia yet, certainly not going. The only question is how the Global HMD intends to compete with Chinese firms producing all of these accessories large quantities and sell them at the lowest price. By the way, to the end of the year the holding intends to revive another brand, Asha, which produced a boring and overpriced cell phones.


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