Global catastrophe: scientists announced a possible SUPERVOLCANO eruption in the US


Глобальная катастрофа: ученые заявили о возможном извержении супервулкана в СШАScientists think he’s gonna explode.

The Yellowstone volcano afraid of its possible eruption.

Famous supergiant called once again concerns scientists the eruption of the Caldera. The reason for the unrest are tremors beneath the earth that occurred very recently. They force scientists to think that Yellowstone will soon erupt lava.

The first case of earthquake 1.6 points occurred five days ago and was accompanied by the earth shake. Later, two Stoke set a new impulse with magnitude 1.6 points. In total the experts have registered eleven such fluctuations.

People living near the volcano have reported their experiences on the Internet, these events are nervous about their. Researchers of the University of Utah noticed that seismic swarms are common in Yellowstone, any signs of no places where the volcano, associated with magma that moves through a small bark.


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