“Girls surprise me every time ”: the star rated the “Bang Bang” spring show


A new show in the style of James bond. Photo: press service

Musical cabaret Jazz girls band Freedom — started with a series of spring show “Bang-Bang”. The band has provided musical action in the spirit of James bond.

The premiere show in the capital’s Caribbean Club Concert Hall visited the star and shared their impressions.

Oleg Sobchuk. Photo: press service

Great show! I am very glad that in Kiev there is a format of dinner-show and that he is developing. It’s very cool! Freedom Jazz — is always a holiday, it is always professional and nice. Respect girls!” — told the frontman of the band “SKY” Oleg Sobchuk.

Kadnay Band. Photo: press service

Kadnay group noted that Freedom Jazz — music sisters.

And of course we saw all their show, “Bang Bang” in particular. But everytime is like the first. Always energetic, dance, bright and musical. Girls every time surprise! They are incredibly employable. It has to be learned!”, — say the members of the group.

Alena Karas, contestant on “the Voice” and lead singer of Thin said that she liked girls, Freedom Jazz.

Every time I come to their show and inside me there is a feeling of unbridled joy, I want to jump, to run, to rejoice, to dance. Every time a holiday! I love their courage, costumes, shows and how they behave on stage, the moment of live improvisation with people is so steep as to Ukraine. It is the pride! If one of the aliens asks me to a concert of any artist I would recommend to go – it would be Freedom Jazz”, — said Alena.

LeMonade wrote earlier that Max Barsky presented a clip for the song “Two”.

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