Girl implanted in his hand the key to the Tesla


For ease of reference.

The woman with the nickname Amie DD implanted access key to the Tesla Model 3 in hand. Says for easy access to the vehicle, reports the with reference on the Newspaper.

Chip, radio frequency identification RFID is usually in the key of Tesla Model 3. The woman took it with card car by dissolving the “extra” in a caustic substance. RF module, Amie with the help of a “friend”, was placed in a capsule and implanted in the arm.

In the body of Amy was already integrated chip, with which she could pay at the checkout, present your ID at the airport, biometric data, passport and the like. She had planned to combine services into a single module together with the key of the electric vehicle. But the automaker will not allow it, due to, allegedly, protect their property from interference by third parties.


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