Germany expects a “bloody” rain


В Германии ожидают "кровавые" дождиSuch precipitation was in Germany from April 2016.

Forecasters warned residents of Germany that precipitation of red can fall to the North of the country and in Hamburg.

This color is due to brought to Europe air currents sand from the Sahara desert. When buildings and cars dry up after the “bloody rain”, they will remain a thin layer of reddish dust.

The publication notes that such precipitation was in Germany from April 2016. But now meteorologists predict that the probability of “bloody rain” in the German cities of Kassel and göttingen is 90 percent.

This clarifies that in fact the drops of this rain are noticeably different in color from true blood. As a rule, the color of rain varies from orange-red to brown.

It is noteworthy that in nature, in addition to red rain, precipitation is meet black, white, green and yellow. The shade depends on contained in precipitation of impurities such as volcanic ash, chalk dust and pollen.


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