Germany accused Russia of espionage and attacks on the EU


Германия обвинила Россию в шпионаже и атаках на страны ЕСCyber attacks has greatly increased in recent years.

Due to hacker attacks on state institutions in Western countries is Russia. This was stated by the interior Minister of Germany, Horst Seehofer.

According to Seehofer, Berlin suspects the Main Directorate of the General staff of the defense Ministry of the Russian Federation (former GRU) in cyber attacks on state institutions in Western countries.

Horst Seehofer, the interior Minister of Germany:

We are of the opinion based on the facts and analysis that, with high probability, the source was military service, the GRU. But you understand that the circumstances relating to facts and analysis, we will not articulate.

Earlier, German Chancellor Angela Merkel has dismissed head of the Federal office for the protection of the Constitution of Germany Hans-Georg Maasen for the existence of a relationship with the Kremlin.


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