German scientists have uncovered features of the transfer of coronavirus


The new type of coronavirus can be transmitted from people with mild or beginning symptoms.

Coronavirus 2019n-CoV can transmit the media, who have only mild symptoms of the disease, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

On Tuesday, February 4, said in a joint press release issued by representatives of the Berlin clinic charité, clinic Munich in Schwabing and Institute of Microbiology of the Bundeswehr.

The researchers analyzed data obtained as a result of the monitoring of patients with pulmonary diseases and identified the coronavirus who are treated at the clinic Munich in Schwabing.

Some of them manifested only mild symptoms similar to the flu, but the virus is still present and replicates in the nasopharynx and in the gastrointestinal tract, regardless of whether he was struck by the light or not.

Thus, the researchers came to the conclusion that infected people with weak or incipient symptoms, e.g., sore throat, runny nose or body aches without fever, can pass the virus on.

In Germany, the number of patients infected with the coronavirus 2019n-CoV, reached 12 people.

Most of them are employees of the Webasto company that produces auto parts. They live in the district of Starnberg near Munich, where the firm.


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