German giants join forces to create electric vehicle


Немецкие автогиганты объединяют силы для создания электромобилейAutomakers are in no hurry to switch to the production of electric vehicles.

German carmaker Porsche and Audi is not alien to the close cooperation in the design of their machines. For example, well-known models Cayenne and Macan share the same basic chassis, and Audi Q7 and Q5. The tradition of cooperation will continue in the sector of electric vehicles.

Executive Director Porsche Oliver bloom (Oliver Blume) and Chairman of the Board of Audi Rupert Stadler (Rupert Stadler) said in an interview with German newspaper Stuttgarter Zeitung that both companies belonging to the Volkswagen group, will develop a common platform for electric vehicles, which will find use in some models starting in 2021. Audi has already announced plans in this area for two sedans and a few SUVs, while Porsche is going to build his first car on this platform in the same factory where the Macan. This is not to say about the upcoming release of electric models Macan, but confirms already sounding statements about the development of a hybrid Porsche.

For this reason Oliver bloom said that the range and time of the release depend on the introduction of more stringent state requirements for separation of carbon dioxide. Similarly, the main reason for the cooperation between the companies is not their desire to force development, and the desire to save money. Mr. bloom explained that the creation of separate platforms will 30% more expensive for each brand. Rupert Stadler added that it is a very imposing total costs of several billion euros until 2025.

However, this does not exclude the probability of parallel development of each of the company’s own platforms for their specific tasks. As you know, Porsche is working on a 670-horsepower sports car Mission E. But you can make a better idea of what to expect from the emerging market of electric vehicles. As in the case with traditional machines, the main difference between models from different manufacturers can be rather in the choice of engine and design than in their basic design. This kind of standardization is useful to the end user, reducing the cost of machinery, maintenance costs on them.


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