Georgians want to grow on Mars grapes


Грузины хотят выращивать на Марсе виноградThe astronauts have already carried out several successful experiments.

Georgia decided to join the project of space exploration. The country wants to “colonize” Mars grapes. This is what plant Georgians plan to grow on the red planet.

The project I want to start in September this year. Then Tbilisi will start operating a special greenhouse for experiments. It will grow, researching and developing special sorts of vines, which can grow on Mars.

“NASA astronauts on the space station have carried out several successful experiments on growing food, which is an important step towards the breeding of other crops. The potential of Georgia to work in this direction in the world is unique, since it refers to ancient culture cultivation of the vine,” – said at the presentation, which took place on 20 June in Tbilisi.


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