Gennady Gudkov: How to last long under the sanctions regime of Putin?


Геннадий Гудков: Как долго продержится под санкциями режим Путина?

President trump has already signed or will soon sign a US law imposing serious sanctions against the DPRK, Iran and Russia. At least all of us, 145 million people in Russia, after the introduction of sanctions in force “shines” a long stagnation of the economy, the slide of the country on the sidelines of global technological development and further drift into the camp of third world countries: science, medicine, education, culture and so on.

Of course, the nuclear club would maintain our territorial integrity and sovereignty (though not save you from growing internal contradictions), but to love us and cooperate with us for many years, no one will. Only if necessary, as communication between divorced spouses long after a long war for the property, but never managed to share an apartment.

Add to this covered for decades to tap international investment, supply high-tech products and growing international isolation. Worse, our country has risen in the eyes of the vast majority of the world community on a par with radical Islamic Iran and completely “chucheva” North Korea. As they say, “tear off come on”…

Of course, in the near future, that’s why Russia is even more intense than today, run people, the most enterprising, educated and creative. So Nobel prize for the breakthrough knowledge we should not wait. At worst, they will give our scientists for the discovery and development committed outside the Russian Federation. I guess the Olympics in Sochi and world Cup in Russia, too, for the last time. (At least, for a very long time). China and all SCO also there is little hope: nobody (India, China, Japan or South Korea, not to mention Japan) does not want to lose American (and European) market for the dubious “love for Russia”. To be friends with rogue States is not very profitable. Obviously, soon the sanctions will join Europe, and then will come … (finish the sentence yourself as you like).

But I do not know. Many still remember that the Soviet Union, a superpower, all allies and units, collapsed a few years after the sanctions imposed by the West in response to our invasion of Afghanistan. I remember very well that up until August 1991, our government boldly for any reason and even no showed the absolute value to “uncle Sam”, was seriously waiting for the collapse of imperialism and came to noble Patriotic wrath against the enemies encroaching on our right to do in the world that pleases, not paying attention to the neighbors and partners.

Remember, our bosses back in the mid 80s optimistically assured the people that “the Soviet Union was, is and centuries will be” despite “the machinations of imperialism”, because “for us — the historical truth and the power of the ideas of Marxism-Leninism.” The ending is known to all: 26 years as neither the USSR nor the 20 million-strong CPSU (the mind, honor and conscience of the era). And the “damned imperialists” continues to live and develop, to invent AI-backgrounds and I-pads, electric vehicles and the return of the space rocket. We are still unable to produce at least one model a decent competitive car, not to mention electronics or popular plane in the world.

But we always rise from his knees and show everyone “gruel”, a masterful substitute the tubes with urine and generally live for the sake of victory in the world of “spiritual braces” that can replace us all the joy of life.

Only I have a “deja vu” when you begin to confuse the days of the late Brezhnev from the late Putin, Kiselevsk transmission with Soviet propaganda and hysteria about the expulsion of the “American spies” and “Russian agents” of the late 80s and today? However, today’s Russia, unlike the USSR, no allies, sympathy of third world countries, a huge army and the title of superpower. That’s why I think that the collapse of Putin’s regime will not lead the opposition, crushed and weakened by repression and taboos, and economic and political pressure from the West, exacerbated by the profound internal degradation of the entire state apparatus and the economic crisis generated by completely exhausted themselves corrupt “vertical of power”. I don’t think to wait for the finals will have too long…

Gennady Gudkov


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