Generated — not generated


Генерировали — да не сгенерировали

VTB Bank unexpectedly appeared in the midst of the scandals associated with the energy industry.

The question price – many billions roubles, the essence of litigation with promgrupp “Generation”, most companies which is currently in various stages of bankruptcy and attacked by creditors. VTB is one of them, and the chances of the Bank to recover the outstanding 1.6 billion, analysts estimate extremely low, thus hinting at a possible major spending by the collapsing tops of the plants.

In December 2017 was initiated the first stage of bankruptcy is included in the group LLC “Generation Drilling rigs”, the founder and CEO is a previously owned company “Generation Finance” Evgeny Ryzhak. The procedure started after satisfaction of the respective claim to the Arbitration court of Sverdlovsk region (place of deployment of the civil code), with the filing of VTB, announced a 1.6-billion debt obligations of the three companies, is also bankrupt: LLC “Generation drilling equipment”, JSC “dzerzhinskhimmash”, “Generation Petrochemical equipment”. The total debt of the former are estimated at 2 billion rubles, the second – nearly 6 billion, the third – about 4 billion.

About the problems in the group of companies reported earlier, and it was known that one of the beneficiaries of the “Generation” is Valery Laptev, which is associated with more than two dozen legal entities, most of which are currently classified as bankrupt at different stages.

As a result, in September of the current year in the General Ledger was introduced observation, in parallel with the self-initiation of bankruptcy procedure of JSC “Ural scientific-research and design Institute on land management”, as well as arbitration proceedings for the debts of the company “Generation Finance” is 3.9 billion rubles. As for the LLC “NEFTEMASH”, is also relevant to the financial-industrial group, revealed signs of deliberate bankruptcy, recorded a 4.8-billion debt, the relevant information is given to law enforcement and prosecutors. Suspicion of arbitration has caused some guarantee that legal entity obviously could not perform, as well as a number of transactions with obvious affiliates. At the time of surveying in the “NEFTEMASH” obligations have not been repaid, which gave rise to instance, the belief that part of the assets of OOO was derived.

Also in the list of companies included in the financial-industrial group, which have billions of dollars in debt, enabled OOO “Generation of Oil and gas equipment”, LLC “Energy Generation facilities”, NPO “Design Bureau Kochubey”, LLC “Generation-New technologies”, LLC “Private interest”. Along with this about his personal declared bankruptcy already mentioned Valery Laptev and another co-founder of “Generation” Vladislav Paklin. In respect of both the Arbitration court of Sverdlovsk region is the procedure of sale of the property, and the aggregate amount of creditor claims personally to Paklino assessed by the authority in excess of $ 5 billion. Plaintiffs submitted the petition to ban travel abroad both bankrupt, however, until the final decision on it has not followed.

As told to the media in a press-service VTB, to fight for your money – as with “Generation”, and with the surety Laptev and Pakinam in the Bank are going to “all available means”, of course, within the legal field.

However, well familiar with the situation, the experts in this respect, skepticism, stating that a refund in full highly unlikely.

Explain to this sad scenario the fact that the problems in the financial and industrial group did not begin yesterday, and they are associated with a high debt load all of the “Generation” businesses, based on an intricate scheme of guarantee. The problematic status of the debtor Ledger moved back in 2014 after a dispute with a key customer. The problem for a long time trying to resolve, the negotiations were conducted, however, once in open sources it was discovered the photo of luxury private jet of one of the beneficiaries of the group, the counterparties ceased to demonstrate friendliness. At the present time in connection with the initiation of personal bankruptcy pakhlin court has already requested documents relating to his property, including vehicles. Aircraft, and, as stated in the document, “trains and other movable property”, if any, will be transferred to the account, and their fate in General is clear.

It is worth noting that the assets of the Generation to cause major scandal not for the first time. For example, the memorial history of bankruptcy is included in GK Bulanash engineering plant, when dispossession took place with the participation of power structures – the customs officers of Yekaterinburg.


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