General Motors showed a new electric pickup truck Hummer


Rumors about the desire of American automaker General Motors to revive the legendary Hummer brand, making it fully electric, walk for several years.

Edition of the Wall Street Journal says that a positive decision has been made about the new electric car will be announced officially in three weeks — February 2, 2020) during the commercials within the super bowl, reports the with reference to the Correspondent.

According to insiders, in the teaser video of the electric co-starred popular American basketball player LeBron James (LeBron James). Given the fact that the cost of a 30-second ad slot during the super bowl can reach up to $5 million, the project is important enough for the automaker. Official representatives of General Motors refused to comment on these rumors, however, such a response is standard for large companies.

To be precise, that General Motors is not going to resurrect the brand Hummer — electric car will receive the designation of “Hummer by GMC”, that is to be released as part of the GMC brand with the name Hummer.

It is expected that electric Hummer will be available in the format of a pickup truck (that is going to compete with Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T and Ford F-150) and will be available in 2022. General Motors has already invested $3 billion in new production line for electric vehicles in Detroit, where it will assemble electric pickups GMC and Hummer, as well as $2.3 bn in a joint venture with LG Chem battery manufacturing for electric vehicles in Ohio. Already by 2023 GM promised to provide at least twenty new electric models.

Recall that the first Hummer H1 was a civilian version of the military Humvee SUV, he was released to the market in 1992. Then the market went Hummer H2 (2002-2010) and Hummer H3 (2005-2010), the production line was closed in 2010. Despite the fact that these SUVs are not released for almost 10 years, they can still be found on the roads, moreover, enthusiasts even turn them into electric cars, such as happened with the electric Hummer H1 for Arnold Schwarzenegger from the Austrian company Kreisel.


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