General Motors showed a car without a steering wheel and pedals


General Motors показал автомобиль без руля и педалейThe American group will present a prototype of a fully Autonomous car.

General Motors has posted a picture and video showing the interior of the new fully-Autonomous vehicle. Public premiere of a prototype, with no external controls, including a steering wheel and pedals, will be held December 15 at the Detroit auto show.

Unmanned vehicle, built on the basis of the electric vehicle, the Chevrolet Bolt, is equipped with optical rangefinders LiDAR and radar 21 and 16 video cameras to help navigate in space.

For the steering, accelerator and braking system fully meets electronics — is a specially developed software for the unmanned fourth generation.

General Motors claim that the serial production of such cars will begin in 2019. At the moment the group is actively testing its unmanned vehicles, which are tested in San Francisco, Detroit and Phoenix.

General Motors announced the development of cars with automatic control in 2015. A year later, the American group has invested half a billion dollars to the company Lyft. Partners by 2020, plan to create a joint system of carpooling, a fleet which will consist of unmanned vehicles.


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