Gazprom will teach foreign partners to save money


Газпром научит зарубежных партнеров экономить деньги

The representative gas Corporation Michael Sirotkin will talk about the experience of cost optimization at the international conference on development of the shelf


18 may in Moscow will host the XV international conference “offshore upstream Development in Russia and CIS”, which will be attended by about a hundred top managers of Russian and foreign companies. Traditional participants of this conference are the largest Russian companies working on the Russian shelf – the Gazprom, LUKOIL and Rosneft.

From Gazprom, among others, the speakers will make a report to the head of the Department for corporate expense management Michael Sirotkin. His speech is expected with great interest both Russian and foreign experts, taking into account the experience, gained by his Department in the recent time optimization methods in the construction of new facilities. There is no doubt that Gazprom’s developments it will be interesting to study, including abroad.

Special attention to the report probably will show the representatives of the companies intending to participate in offshore projects of Gazprom. They will be distributed to the successful experience that the Department Sirotkin acquired to optimize costs in the construction of various objects in Russia.

Previously, Michael Sirotkin supervised the tender by the Department of corporations, which in 2012 was renamed the Department of corporate expense management with significantly enhanced powers. Gazprom management appreciated the approach of the Department to conduct corporate procurement, and entrusted him with a broader scope of work, including design and construction of new facilities.

Michael Sirotkin told reporters that after the crisis 2008-29009 years it has become evident that there is a risk of serious external macroeconomic impacts that most directly affect the economy of “Gazprom”. According to him, in that situation, it was decided to tighten control of costs, and the task was not so much in cost reduction as in their optimization. That is, it was necessary, for example, not only reduce the unit costs per kilometer of pipeline, but also to analyze the priorities of various projects. That is, it was not only about the control of public procurement, but strict and unbiased assessment of their need.

First of all, specialists of the new Department established a marketing study of the market to enter the best parties for new projects, giving preference to the direct producers to the intermediaries. In 2012, the Department began conducting public seminars for potential participants of procurement. Then, seminars took place with the builders and repairers of linear pipelines.

Most importantly, the Department organized the so-called prequalification of potential bidders more than 14 types of activities — construction, reconstruction, overhaul repair of industrial facilities, engineering, geological, geophysical and geochemical work, etc.. It brought out the best suppliers of goods. And the performers of works and services following the confirmation of their qualification was included in the corporate registry. For vendors that got simplified the procedure for the preparation of applications for participation in procurement, and for the organizers — assessment of their skills, which ultimately reduced the time of procurement and increased their efficiency.

This alone cost optimization resulting in savings of 55 billion rubles, the Department of Michael Sirotkin also carefully analyzed and the cost of contracts with suppliers of works and services, managing to reduce it at 17.2 billion rubles from the originally announced.

It is quite clear that the hard course of the Department for the cost management of the gas monopolist and his team on optimizing corporate expenses sometimes led and leads to conflicts of interest, both outside and within Gazprom. But given the strong management decisions, which annually bring Gazprom, and consequently the state tens of billions of rubles in savings, the company does not intend to change started a course of savings and cost optimization.

Speaking on the radio of the author’s program of Vladimir Solovyov, Mikhail Sirotkin said that in 2014 the Department was able to save Gazprom and the state for as much as 146 billion rubles Only works on the gas pipeline “Power of Siberia” is 2 million per hectare for goraschenko Gazprom was to pay only 350 thousand rubles. And for digging the soil, in the conditions when the market asked for 350 rubles per cubic meter, the Department found a local firmachi who agreed to do such work for 112 rubles per cubic meter. Only one soil gas monopoly saved 30 billion rubles.

Hard is the motto of the head of the Department Sirotkin “For profits when working with “Gazprom” nobody will be able to count”, of course, can not please many domestic and foreign companies previously sought to cooperate with the Russian gas giant in the calculation of these profits. However, a new practice, without a doubt will be maintained and further management of the Corporation.


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