Gamers saved a person suffering from epilepsy


Геймеры спасли человека, страдающего от эпилепсии Youtuber and streamer Rogue Shadow VR published on my channel video, which depicted the seizure of the player in VRChat.

At some point, the model of one of the members fell to the ground and began to wheeze.

Presumably, he had sensors that monitor body movement. At first no one paid situation special attention, because people could easily arrange the drawing and fooling around. But when it became obvious that this is no joke, people have tried to provide all the support I could muster.

Lying did not respond to questions. You could hear him struggling to breathe. Other users are not physically able to help him, they could only watch. However, they showed maximum sympathy and concern: asked gamers with flashing avatars to move away, tried to establish contact with the patient and, when he came to himself, advised him to urgently exit the application and seek medical help. Fortunately, the man survived, and now it’s all good.

Although from other players depended little empathy and support from their side, the attention to the problems of another person helped him to cope with the attack. Emergency support is extremely necessary, and it’s great that the poor man received it in time. And even if the video was staged, it carries the correct message. But still is attentive to their health and remember that VR is a very dangerous environment for those suffering from epilepsy people.


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