Gamers have called the most sold PC game in history


Геймеры назвали самую продаваемую ПК-игру в историиIt is interesting to know!

Popular shooter PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has broken another world record.

“According to the service SteamSpy, PUBG became the best selling game on PC for all history of existence of the platform, “sliding” even cubic Minecraft with its circulation of 27.5 million (100 million with the consoles). Phenomenal shooter surpassed this mark by more than 300 thousand copies, – it is told in the message. Now Battlegrounds exceeds the circulation of 27.8 million copies sold, which is an absolute record”.

In the match PlayerUnknown”s Battlegrounds involved 100 people, alone and in groups. At the beginning of each match all players are flying on the plane and choose a place on the map where they will start the battle. For each user, the round starts without any equipment. As soon as the players land, they can explore the various buildings in search of weapons, vehicles, clothing, armor, tactical equipment, medicines, and other things. Feature of the game is that the game gradually the area starts to decrease in a random place. If the player is outside the game zone, he takes damage, which can lead to the death of the hero and the end of the match.

The winner is the team or player that managed to stay alive.


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