Gamers angry with the complexity Trap Adventure 2


Геймеры рассержены сложностью Trap Adventure 2 Users are actively discussing it online.

In the Network actively discussed the game-Troll Trap Adventure 2, designed for mobile devices, which infuriated users by its complexity. The fact that gamers are faced with insurmountable obstacles and incredibly complicated gameplay.

The impression that the developers of mobile game is going Troll users. Gamers say that you need to go through the real torture and trials in Trap Adventure 2, to overcome the levels. One of them was published in Network video, which depicted how he takes a complex game. Just a couple of days the video has been viewed over 12 million times. Many gamers were enraged by the passage of the levels Trap Adventure 2 that they wanted to destroy their smartphone.

Users have not previously shown interest in challenging game, although you can download it on iPhone could be back in 2016. But after the video gamer in which he frets over the passage of each level, hit the Twitter, the situation has changed dramatically. Now Trap Adventure 2 in the list of the most downloaded apps on mobile devices.


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