Game smartphone Asus ROG Phone 2 will receive cutting-edge screen


Smartphone Asus ROG Phone 2, the announcement of which is already behind the mountains will not differ much from the current flagships in terms of primary iron. Its main feature will be a display that will please both gamers, which this smartphone, in fact, focused, and conventional users.

Screen Asus ROG Phone 2 will boast a refresh rate of 120 Hz. Of course, in the mobile phones is just marketing, but in the future there will be content that will use this setting to maximum. Yet for 99% of games lack and 60 Hz, not to mention 90 Hz. So it’s kind of for the future.

The screen is based on IPS matrix with a resolution of Ultra HD or 4K resolution, but its diagonal is still unknown. The source claims that the smartphone will be built on the basis of processor Qualcomm 855, and this is not surprising – it is the most powerful chip of 2019. CPU will be paired with 8 or 12 GB RAM and battery capacity will be 4000 to 5000 mAh. The announcement of the Asus ROG Phone 2 is expected to be released in July 2019, and may be in the region of $ 800.


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