Gambling industry and COVID-19: responsible gambling, for free or a ban


Regulatory agencies fear that the psychological and economic aspects of quarantine measures imposed to prevent the spread of COVID-19, can provoke people to visit gambling establishments even with free slot machines. To save the market in the period of the pandemic, the operators of the gambling industry should strictly adhere to the terms of responsible gaming, serving customers.

Additional measures during quarantine

Regulatory bodies of different countries and representatives of the associations of gambling appeal to the market operators, strongly recommending to strengthen activities aimed at responsible gambling. They believe that in this situation people may abuse gambling experience searching for a replacement of your normal activities.

Specialists understand that gambling addiction acts as a manifestation of people’s desire to escape from reality, plunging into the world of gambling. Users are offered various tools to protect themselves from such dependence:

  • special programs self-exclusion of users;
  • the possibility to set up limit on Deposit;
  • limit gambling expenses;
  • setting time limits on the duration of game sessions, etc.

Operators can also limit their users in order to prevent their addiction. For example, in Belgium, the online casino apply a mandatory limit on the daily spending of the active players. There is another tool that allows vigilant to monitor the activity of customers and to identify initial signs in customer behaviour indicating problem gambling. Some sites offer free slot machines without entering deposits.

Pandemic and gambling marketing

Association of gaming and betting published the call for representatives of the gambling business during a pandemic thorough attention promotional event. It even published a special guide, in which the undersigned individual requirements on gambling operators.

In the advertisement of gambling establishments can not be information about COVID-19, it should not be materials or links to information provided by who. The essence of these requirements: it is impossible to attract new customers using relevant materials about the pandemic, and even free slot machines. Operators are prohibited from advertising gambling as instruments permits a financial or social issues.

Advertising materials must contain information about:

  • age restrictions;
  • possible risks;
  • problem gambling;
  • tools for responsible gambling.

Restrictions in advertising of gambling business in different countries

Regulators in many countries have also put forward their individual requirements for representatives of the gambling business for a period of quarantine.

  • Spain

Even before the pandemic in this country, there were restrictions on the advertising of gambling business. The only advertising of betting services. Because sporting events are not held, and promotional materials are published much less frequently.

  • Belgium

This government has already introduced a hard limit of 500 Euro on the volume of bets made by customers on slot machines in one day. If the operator will allow it to play a large amount, these funds must return to the visitor even if they are lost.

  • Lithuania

Lithuanian regulators recommended that gambling operators do not advertise their services.

  • France

In France regulators urge users to avoid unlicensed casino sites with slot machines. In this country, operators are encouraged to offer bonus products because of the involvement of the players requires no additional stimulus.

  • Sweden

If market participants of gambling will be to ignore the principles of responsible gambling, the regulatory authorities intend to act decisively against the offenders, up to the closing. In this country, and to quarantine acted in strict restrictions related to the protection of visitors. Swedish gambling operators complain that the strict regulations are pushing players to use the service of shady companies offering gambling.

  • UK

The controller will warn the operator to compliance with licensing conditions in terms of protection of visitors and responsible gambling. If the casino cannot fulfill such requirements, it is better to temporarily stop working.

  • Denmark

Authorities urged operators to focus on visitors who abuse gambling entertainment (even free slots). For ludomanov market participants should ensure the functioning of hotlines, as well as set time limits of stay on the online gambling sites.

Similar measures exist in other States. The authorities appeal to the operators of the gaming industry, and to the visitors. Lack of normal social interaction, financial problems and other aspects of quarantine aggravate the symptoms of problematic gambling behavior.


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