Galaxy Note 9 you will get the fancy function


Galaxy Note 9 получит необычную функцию In the new Galaxy Note 9 will implement a function that could not be implemented in the Apple

New smartphone the Galaxy Note series from the Korean company Samsung can get Podebrady fingerprint scanner in 2018.

This means that the owners of the new model will be able to unlock their devices, putting a finger directly on the screen. Earlier it was reported that Apple also tried to implement into our products technology podernovo scanner, however, these developments have not come to fruition. Therefore, the designers abandoned this go in favor of the three-dimensional facial scan. Samsung, in turn, attempted to install visual facial scanning, but is forced to acknowledge the superiority of Apple in this area.

Also employees of the manufacturer reported that standard fingerprint scanner on the back of the case, as in previous models, may remain as a Supplement.

Another feature of the screen of the new Galaxy Note 9 the designers called the OLED technology, which doubles the light source for the sensors and lines to increase battery life.


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