Gadgets Nokia will teach you how to prevent dangerous diseases


Гаджеты Nokia научат предотвращать появление опасных заболеванийFuture Nokia devices will be able to predict the appearance of cancer

Nokia CEO spoke about advanced similar fitness bracelets that are able to collect information on the health status of the person. According to Rajeev Suri, the day is near when smart watches and similar devices will be able to predict the development of cancer a few months before it would do doctors.

Using such technology, said a top Manager of Nokia, it will be possible to prevent dangerous diseases and their development. Currently the company is working on a device to determine the level of glucose, cholesterol and lactic acid in the human body. Such a device will allow you to monitor the health status of the patient between his visits to the doctor.

It is noted that similar products will not appear tomorrow or the day after, however, the company is actively investing in research.


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