Funny the ways in which faithful circumvent religious prohibitions


Funny the ways in which faithful bypass religious restrictions.

1. Amenity and electricity.

The followers of Jakob Amman (1644 – 1721+-9), also known as the Amish (Amish) are distinguished by extreme conservatism, and I think technology is the devil. They do not use electricity, internal combustion engines, etc. But the need to live and work. In particular, I like to use all sorts of tools that facilitate work and enhance productivity. Which in the modern world as one eat borodinym Satan electricity.

All Yes not all. There is a small industry, producing drills, saws, mixers, and other kitchen workers and tools only for ammuniton. They are driven by compressed air, which is fully consistent with the religious concept. Compressed air is ultimately just a stronger wind, and the wind is a creation of God. Compressors for production of compressed air are driven in conventional wind turbines, without the conversion into electricity.

But there are things that compressed air will not. For example, computers. Well, according to the interpretation of the Doctrine, the sin is unforgivable only in the walls of your own home. And beyond, say, a separate office, although sin is still sin but can be redeemed. So there is a really small industry that is specifically for ammuniton produces absolutely antediluvian computers without a video, without sound output, without connecting to the Internet, but with a bigger battery at the absolutely exorbitant prices that are affordable only to highly successful entrepreneurs from the ranks of ammuniton who can afford to have a separate from home office. The batteries have to be transported (by horse-drawn wagon, of course) to charge to where there is electricity. And doing it doomed to eternal proklete sinners, not the faithful ammaniti.

2. Islam and adultery.

As you know, in Islam, especially fundamentalist, the man shouldn’t get into a car with a woman (even if she is wearing a sack with eye holes) if it’s not his wife. No meetings on neutral territory. No intercourse before marriage for young people.
But then you need to get to know each other. Again, Muslim men are people too and the idea of going to left them as close to as Christians or Buddhists. Fortunately, the Qur’an provides a way out of difficulty. At least in Shi’ism there exists the institution of the temporary marriage. Such a marriage last hour (or as much as you want, and be renewed any number of times) during which a woman is formally considered by the wife of the man. At the conclusion of a temporary marriage, the woman receives a cash reward. Born in such a marriage are legitimate children. After the completion of the temporary marriage, a woman walina known to withstand a pause before engaging in lkdeui with another man. Children born during this interval are considered originating from a previous marriage and is considered legal.
It is obvious that temporary marriage opens all such a coveted opportunity. And, indeed, at least in Europe, there are escort agencies where surcharge on the “employee” you can marry for an hour or two.

3. The Indians and the grass.

Ever heard of the peace pipe? Perhaps you thought that we are talking about tobacco. But no. Before the arrival of the Europeans tobacco in North America is not growing (it was brought from Mexico by the Spanish). But the Indians still smoked. Three guesses what it is.
And this “Smoking” is deeply rooted in the traditional religion of the Indians, so that its followers use cannabis and peyote are perfectly legal throughout the United States. For ritual purposes, of course. At the same time for everyone else the outcome of the contact with the “grass” depends heavily on where exactly and under what circumstances this “contact” occurred. You can get from 20 years to life. But even in States where use is legal, you can never be calm. Is found the quantity of marijuana exceed the known (and modest) size, and can ring out on all cylinders for the intention to trade (which is still illegal), even if the pot was prescribed by a doctor.
Not surprisingly, there are willing to join the ancient and noble religion of the Indians. Or rather, a former Mormon named James Mooney (James Mooney) has established a new Church, where he was engaged in spreading among the latter-day believers grown in beds of bratstva. First, left him still in prison, but after the counterclaim because of religious discrimination, he was released and the Church (under the name “Oklevueha Native American Church”) began to open branches throughout the country. We must pay tribute to these Indians, they are protesting. But what can you do? Nowhere does it say that a follower of traditional native American religion must be born Indian.

4. The Jews and the Sabbath.

Perhaps readers know that believing Jews on Saturday rabotti impossible. That is absolutely. No lights turn on, no umbrella, nor perform any other actions connected with performance of mechanical work.
But to live as we should, even on Saturday. According to Halacha (code of Judaism), to carry items allowable and Saturday, if it happens inside the “closed” (fenced) space. Well, before coming Saturday, at home in the areas of compact residence of the Jews are connected by ropes (or rather, the fishing line, that would not be so noticeable) at a comfortable walking height, thereby creating the required enclosed space. In particular, in Manhattan so every Friday fenced fairly large piece of the island. This allows the faithful Jews inside the compound, for example, use the elevators (which is known to press a button), which is very convenient if you live on the 20th floor. However, for those willing, there are elevators with the so-called Sabbath mode. Once a week they just move continuously, automatically stopping at every floor. And no pressing the buttons.

Забавные способы, которыми верубщие обходят религиозные запреты
The scheme of fencing of Manhattan on the Sabbath.

As if the Sabbath day was not enough, in Judaism there is also a Sabbath year. According to the Covenant every seven years a faithful Jew should refrain from what would work in their field and poluchat harvest. Fortunately, in Testament says nothing about how about the treatment of the foreign field and produce a crop with him. And now, every 7 years, Israeli farmers legally transfer their ownership to whom nuud another. Namely, a certain television salesman named George Strichman (George Shtraykhman), one of the few Israeli Jews, not formally professing Judaism. It is necessary to imagine: every 7 years it becomes one of the largest landowners on the planet, with the land worth about 33 billion. And a year later he legally all honestly back. Because there’s one thing better than to be a billionaire to be human.

5. Catholics and post.

In the post you can’t eat meat, especially if you’re a monk. And like, even if you’re the monk. Well, in the middle ages it was decided that everything that lives (or at least can be caught) in the water, there are fish. First of all, it touched on all sorts of arthropods like crayfish and crabs. But also whales, where they had access to. As for the meat itself, in monastic menus and recipes got beavers that played a role in the fate of their livestock. After otkryit America the same fate befell the American beaver, and in the countries farther South all the otters and capybaras. They are all as one, were considered “fish”, at least in Church.


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