From the oceans rapidly lost oxygen


Из мирового океана быстрыми темпами пропадает кислород

Sea water rapidly begins to lose oxygen, which can destroy a large part of marine life. This writes the largest American magazine Newsweek.

The causes of this phenomenon published in the journal Science. Areas of the ocean where almost no oxygen is increased 4-10 times. This raises concerns, as currently half of the Earth’s oxygen comes to us from the ocean.

Employee of Newsweek, Lisa Levin explains:

“Oxygen is critical to marine life in the oceans. Without oxygen in the oceans, marine life dies off or moves. Animal life in the ocean needs oxygen to breathe. If we want a healthy ocean, we need oxygen.”

A group of scientists from the working group of the intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission of the United Nations established in 2016 and called Global oceanic oxygen network. They noted that since 1950, the amount of water in the open ocean without oxygen increased four times. And areas of low oxygen have increased ten-fold. This article first examines how oceanic and coastal waters, which are often studied separately.

The world ocean is changing, it becomes warmer. It is a fact. Warm water contains less oxygen than cold. In order for the oxygen got to the depth of surface water should be mixed with water at depth. Elevated surface temperatures of the ocean hinder the access of oxygen to deeper parts of the ocean. The greatest losses of oxygen occur at depths from 100 to 600 meters.

But that’s not the only reason for reducing the amount of oxygen in the ocean. The waste water of our economic activity, lead to excess algae growth. In the process of decay uses oxygen. The process of saturation of water bodies by nutrients is called eutrophication.

Scientists suggest to reduce the amount of dirty waste water to slow down the eutrophication process. The struggle for the purity of our water is essential to human survival. The sooner we realize this, the less will be the magnitude of the approaching disaster.



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