From the Doge’s Palace in Venice stole the jewelry of Indian Maharajas


Из Дворца дожей в Венеции украли ювелирные украшения индийских махараджейThe Palace of the Doges in Venice was an audacious theft. Lost jewels attract the Mughal Empire and the Indian Maharaja.

According to British newspaper Telegraph, disappeared bracelets and necklaces. Officially they are estimated at 30 million euros. However, experts believe that the thieves will be able to sell them much more expensive for millions of euros.

The stolen jewelry was located inside a special glass booth. A surveillance camera recorded the theft. It is seen as two men lifted the lid of the stand, get the jewels and run away.

The siren didn’t work. Rather, it is sounded, but too late — the criminals had already disappeared by this time. The theft was committed on the last day of the exhibition.

The collection belongs to the ruling family of Qatar. Al-Thani have so far refrained from comment. They want a detailed report of the investigators.


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