From sweet not better: it is proved by scientists


От сладкого не поправляются: доказано ученымиThe quality of sweet dishes has in this question of decisive importance

It is considered that the sweet goes against any diet, and its use leads to weight gain and the development of completeness.

But a group of researchers from the United States, based on the results of their study of the problem, stated: it is not true!

“The view that the consumption of sweets leads to weight gain, is incorrect,” said scientists from the University of new Mexico. In confirmation of his words specialists will lead the data of experiment involving men and women of middle age.

Volunteers of both sexes under the test were divided into two groups. Under the terms of the experiment, which lasted a month, the first group were given a Breakfast of exclusively healthy food, and the second is a piece of cake. The results showed that only 3% of people from the second group increased weight, while the increase was only 500 grams.

The authors of the study commented on the fact that sweets are unfairly demonized – their use does not lead to the fullness of provided non-redundant consumption.

At the same time, experts emphasize that the quality of sweet dishes has in this matter is crucial. “Sweet tooth recover not from sugar, but from all kinds of additives in confectionery products: flavor enhancers, leavening agents and other unnatural components that can adversely affect the microflora and therefore on the metabolism”, stated the researchers.


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