From leading channel “Russia 1” have found a property for 3 billion rubles


У ведущей канала "Россия 1" нашли недвижимость на 3 млрд рублей

The journalists of the newspaper “Project” has published a material on the leading channel “Russia 1” Naila Asker-zade, from which it follows that the aggregate value of its remaining property is 3 billion rubles.

According to the publication, Nailya Asker-zade for several years, owns two large apartments in the center of Moscow. The first, located in 1-m the Zachatevsky lane, belongs to the presenter since 2011, and since 2014 in the ownership of the Asker-zade is with the neighboring apartment. Their total area is nearly 400 square meters, and the cost is estimated at 300 million rubles. In addition, her sister leading to Inara belongs to the apartment with an area of 144 square meters in the LCD “Kutuzovskaya Riviera” and cost over 72 million.

The main object of real estate ownership Naila Asker-zade is a forest area of about 4.3 hectares, located near the village of Discord on the ruble, where the estates of many high-ranking officials. In particular, near the land which became the property of the Asker-zade year ago, are plots of the Deputy Prime Minister Anton Siluanov and Deputy defense Minister Ruslan Tsalikov.

The cost of land, which probably will be built country house (it is intended for individual housing construction), journalists estimated at 2.8 billion rubles. The TV presenter told reporters that this is not her area. On the question of why the Bank statement listed her full name, she replied with a surprised smiley face.

The publication notes that around the area of Asker-zade is Serebryanoborskoe forest – a protected area with endangered animals and plants. Land of the presenter in the composition of the reserve is not included as land rented in the neighborhood Siluanov.

Being an employee of RTR, Asker-zade is not a civil servant, but her salary may not exceed several hundred thousand rubles, which is comparable with the cost of its real estate. The Asker-zade, according to rumors, close to the head of VTB Andrey Kostin, and information about their relationship actively removed from the Network. So, in April, the blogging service “Yandex.Zen” has removed the investigation of the newspaper chain about the property moved to Asker-zade from VTB (it was about one of the apartments in the center of Moscow). Then, it was reported that Roskomnadzor began EN masse to block thousands of links to Internet resources, reprinted material on the when 63-year-old head of VTB and 31-year-old leading.

Nailya Asker-zade was earlier the correspondent of “Kommersant” and “Vedomosti”, in 2011, working on RTR. In 2018, she suddenly became a laureate of the TEFI award as the best interviewer on Russian TV, beating out such famous journalists like Vladimir Pozner, Kirill Pozdnyakov and Evgeny Gusev. The statuette she won for “actors with Naila Asker-zade”.


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