From Kiselev to Brilev. Anton Orekh on celebrationist


От Киселева до Брилева. Антон Орех о телепропагандистах

I – man is not like this age. Celebrate the new year at home, in the family circle. Just eat and drink still not very interesting. But traditionally supposed to watch TV. However, the same tradition to watch on TV on new year’s night for a long time already nothing.

And we came up with a great way how to watch TV without looking. On the laptop screen (a TV-like device at home is not a long time) was a wonderful image of the First channel with the types of festive night of Moscow, and the sound was coming from my daughter’s phone, where she’s all kinds of youth music.

And it was very funny. Because Rotaru, Leps, Bilan, Kirkorov and other headliners evergreen Christmas gluttony, remarkably coincides with the conventional hip-hop. However, this property openly, of course, not me and not now. But still it was fun and tiring. Youth music, by the way, were not as bad as I feared.

And here I was thinking maybe in the new year, I also see my weekly reviews of propaganda? On the screen, spreading his hands Dmitry Kiselev, and the phone sounds Shenderovich? Well, okay, let’s not go to extremes! The screen will Kiselev, and phone – Leps!

Just fed up with these horsemen of the Kremlin darkness. I want to say some words of farewell. Short strokes painted their portraits.

I’m actually watching telebaltikos on four channels: First, Russia 1, NTV and TVC. But in fact there are six analysts. We did not start on the “alphabet” that is not from the First channel. And let’s make a conditional hit parade of madness.

And the first here will be the same Dmitry Kiselev. Saying that “News of the week” – favorite show of Putin. What the news he’s watching. Well, I kind of know the President. Kiselev, a talented bastard. He’s terrible in its higher manifestations, such as “burn the hearts of gays” or “radioactive ashes.” To compose fakes – it is also his job. You can pour slogans, denounce the enemy, you can just lie. But fakie is an art. It must be with a mind like the truth. This should be something that people are ready to believe. And Kiselevskaya team of talented people with shit for brains all sorts of things.

However, purely aesthetic manner leading seems strange to me. In our country that bans gay propaganda and where is the “blue” determined precisely in the manner of behavior, affectation and Flirty tone of Dmitry Kiselyov seem ambiguous. Although, God forbid I have something to suspect! He’s good, he’s normal! But looks… like bad.

Whether it is his comrade in the struggle Solovyov! Which have so many times repeated in the broadcast that he was a Jew, that I soon begin to doubt it.

If the “News of the week” – a favorite program of Putin, Solovyov – favorite host. One does not need to match with others. As the best player not necessarily playing for the best team.

A “team” of Vladimir Solovyov – it’s amazing. Sunday evening, actually late at night, three hours in the Studio are from week to week, the same “experts” saying the same words. Just as television is insanely tedious. But the beauty of the show Solovyov. He seems to be either an artist or a film Director by profession. But calling – for sure. He’s always in his snide way, mini-macho, he cuts the truth-mother slices gvozdic, quips and jokes in his own way, clever. Funny – not so funny. Not mean good. But witty. Rushing from his own greatness and all the bullshit in the Studio is needed only as extras, as a living backdrop for his improvisations.

He loves himself in the art of propaganda. And Putin loves it too. And the people she loves. Well, what else do you want?

In third place – Alexey Pushkov. If not cannon, none of the TVC channel and not remembered. But the gun makes cash and ratings. The gun – it is a sort of disco 80-x. Even more 70s. It’s something quite old-fashioned in the spirit of Soviet television of the Brezhnev era, with all its cliches and cliches. From the fluff, you can easily hear something like “Washington hawks” or the “Israeli military”.

Pushkov is a fossil nerd. But his audience this development is required. Audience this just one of those most ‘ 70s they did not have time to forget all the slogans of their youth and happy it all looks. So, youth will not go away! So, everything we believed then – that was correct! And today we’re going to believe in the same thing!

To put someone on after the fluff, hard to say. They all, of course, also propagandists, but some small…

Well, let four will be Valery Fadeev from the First channel of the “Sunday time”. He says about the same as Kiselyov Pushkov. About the collapse of Western society, about the treachery of America, about the collapse of Western values. But it creaks like an ungreased cart. He is as boring as cannon, but cannon takes style, conveying the spirit of the era of stagnation. And Fadeev just boring. He teaches how dad. Boring, not very strict, but consider it necessary to teach the life of his son.

About the same, but otherwise, deals Irada Zeynalova is the only lady in our ranking. She once worked at a place Fadeeva. It was replaced by him, and Zeynalov left on NTV, where analytical program was not at all. And now there is.

Zeynalov is a separate phenomenon in our box. She talks a lot and very quickly. And it analyzes! And I’d hazard a guess that she writes these texts. But they are so clever that sometimes I don’t even know what it was about. Irada builds some ingenious design: who is on whose side and who is against whom is intriguing, what interests intertwined in a tangle. I’ll never know, as simple as the audience is able not that to understand these intricacies, but just to catch at least some idea. But in principle thoughts “the results of the week” the same as everybody else. Just formulated they fast forward.

Finally, Sergey Brilev. The most innocent, the most refined of all the promoters. Which doesn’t really promote. It is more and more about global, about the positive image of Russia, partnership with different countries, and in General about something international, but without firing and mayhem. He interviews different bosses and bigwigs, sweet smiles, and looks friendly.

I once wrote that when all this mess will end, BRILYOV the only one who can take on a normal TV. Bloody deeds he did not seem to seen any animal during its shooting were not injured. And in General – it is a separate art work for propaganda to take a good place to, hopefully, a good salary, and be in all white.

But even BRILYOV I would have preferred to watch without sound, replacing it with an alternative soundtrack.


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