From gate turn: how the Moscow police “detained” the visitors from Grozny


От ворот поворот: как московская полиция "задерживала" гостей из Грозного

The Network is gaining popularity video about how to arrived in the capital’s cafes, the police tried to check the two natives of Chechnya suspected of carrying weapons. Threatening of the law in helmets and flak jackets were expecting a complete fiasco, the suspects even stopped chewing hamburgers.

Video describing the Russian police posted on YouTube, commented on the popular LiveJournal blogger Hueviebin1.

“Tolerantnenko… – the blogger notes, adding,- it is Strange that in the end the officer threw himself in front of them on their knees pleading to go with him. Don’t forget it! Nitsche, right now, the cops will recover from the shock and will more than recoup the Bulk volunteers!”


By and large, in this particular case, the Chechens say all right — they are defending their rights and are entitled to it. But this happens only due to the fact that these people are “privileged nation”.

It is shameful that a policeman, after such humiliation continues to serve the government, which put him in such a humiliating situation. And it’s not even a shame, a disgrace! There is no honor, no dignity, concludes the blogger. And it is difficult not to agree. It appear on the site range from terrible to any other citizens of Russia – they would be immediately rolled into the beginning of the asphalt, and then into long stints in places not so remote.


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