From a victorious war — sacrificial


Из победоносной войны — в жертвенную

New Russian losses in Syria, new year’s attack on the airfield (well, you remember him, the one whom was not) are encouraged to carefully think this over. The Syrian war slowly transformered out victorious in sacrifice. And in public opinion (and the dream of a great victory at least over someone is present on the part of compatriots), and public promotion. Anger over the death of Russian is not supplemented by positive news is that the Internet fakes that another of the killers found and punished. At the end of last year said that here will declare victory and will be the topic of the election campaign. Now that prospect looks less obvious. The meaning of the war more is to and shed their blood, in revenge for their dead. What is morally clear, but the scale of geopolitics is too small.

This does not make the Syrian campaign in Afghanistan, you’re predicting all the time. Rather, during the second Chechen — seems to be won (exactly no one is sure — but for simplicity, we assume that we won), but few are comfortable to admit that I shed blood for this is now “Heart of Chechnya” and the fallen remembered with regret and sadness, compassion to friends, but without admiration and pride. Not “Let noble fury boil like that there” and at best “Take his overcoat, went home”, and at worst — as sung in necessairement “And we are in Germany, the cursed side.”



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