Fresh news from the Lower Volga


But in such difficult conditions, our anglers for the most part went to the don and the Volgograd reservoir. Lower Volga hydroelectric power station on-former there is a change in the water level.

Volga – Akhtuba

Relying on the weather forecast, but instead of the promised 2-3 meters per second, specifically the barrel and all day. Instead of a sun haze with the drifting snow, which delayed the wells – Mama cry!

But bait new must rasslablyat. Well, there are people who understand it…

In the village Erzovka caught 4 of the tail, one of which Barsovy. The three perch were caught in German Kaidzu (with torch), bersha was caught on the new VIB Akara Plunger 80 (16 g.). After lunch the bite was over.

Someone good came off around the hole. I think that this is a Bursch was good.

Read the “Fishing in early spring”

The reservoir, despite the frost – 23C in the morning, with no wind to fish quite comfortably. Bites a little, but pike has a shot. Where it hides – is not clear. Burish on the area in the hope that gets it under his nose.

Caught 4 walleye. Caught on the balancer from a friend to fry.

Today explored new places from the coast is almost 5 km away. the bottom Topography is very interesting. Smooth table 11-14 m. That pleased, so this lack of detail. Less than 800 g perch on the ice is not seen, there were up to 4 kg, but to walk and had to drill very much.


Photo: Alexey Kolomiets.

The first bite from a friend – pike climbs into the hole, had to run me over with a hook. He pecked on brand VIB and pulled 4 pounds. All the bite with a kick, sometimes worked two or three bites in the hole, perch was dobavliala.

Don and tributaries

Went to the don in the area Trehostrovskaya. Rain, wind. Exploration was not successful – the key to fish not picked up.

Neighbors, fishing with feeders the results are not so hot, but something caught. Well, we walked, jigs in the water and washed out.

Oh, and if anyone is interested is a ferry at the post of duty! Works. (Though the local and move across the ice to the left of the ferry).


Kirovskoe reservoir. Volgodonskiy. Depth 6.5 m Bizmathica.

Before lunch, the rain, then the weather improved, but the fish were sluggish in the morning, all day and pecking. Skimmers-grams at 500, roach is very small. Total 7 kg.

Kurovskoe vodohranilishe. Illivka (Sty). Caught at 7 meters.

Roach all dimensional. The morning bite is OK, then the bite got worse, but was caught all day.

Total 7 kg.


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