Fraud in the Krasnoyarsk region “was changed to” the ruin of a hundred to 435 thousand rubles


Мошенник в Красноярском крае "поменял" рваную сотню на 435 тысяч рублей

In Krasnoyarsk region the swindler “traded” in the Bank ripped the hundred-ruble note on 435 thousand rubles, taking advantage of the carelessness of the cashier. On Monday, November 7, according to the management of the Affairs of the region.

The incident occurred in the town of Uzhur. The police asked the Bank teller. According to her, due to her inattention 37-year-old man stole money then fled. The details of the crime were not disclosed.

The malefactor was detained on the street by the traffic police. During the search of his apartment was part of the stolen amount, and appliances purchased with the stolen money.

Criminal case as regards 3 articles 158 of the criminal code (“Theft, secret theft of another’s property, made in the large size”). To the man threatens till six years of imprisonment.


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