France lost 18 tourists


Во Франции пропали 18 туристовIn the search operation involved 100 police.

In France, while Canoeing down the river ardèche in the South-East of the country, lost a group of 18 people.

In the search operation involved about 100 gendarmes and three helicopters. The situation is complicated by the influx of water due to the past the night before heavy rains.

Because of thunderstorms and hail has been declared orange (penultimate) level meteorology. Speech, in particular, the Alpes-Maritimes, Drome, Saone and Loire, the var, Vaucluse and other departments. Thunderstorms and heavy rain followed in France for the abnormal heat was observed in the country the last few weeks. In some regions, the temperature reached 40 degrees Celsius.

Recall that Japan had a record heat – the thermometer showed 42 degrees Celsius. This is the highest mark in the entire history of observations in the country. At that time, because of the extreme temperatures have already killed 30 people.


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