Four squares of living space: that can be shot in Hong Kong for 10 thousand hryvnia. Photo


b]a City with extremely expensive real estate.[/b]

In Hong Kong, one of the most expensive cities for living in the world, rent “cozy and comfortable” Studio apartment the size of a toilet. “Better in this apartment than on the street,” the end justifies the owner of the rental value of real estate with an area of 4 square meters.

Apartment with an area of 4 square meters located in the center of Hong Kong and for rent at the price of 2900 Hong Kong dollars (10 thousand hryvnia). The apartment features a chair-bed, sink and toilet. The mistress of the estate boasted a wonderful location of the apartment is near the metro station Yau Ma Tei.

“The chair bed is folded gives you the freedom of movement in the apartment. You can even hang up a curtain separating the bed from the toilet,” — said about the apartment hostess who introduced herself as Milka Wong.

Judging by the photos, the apartment even has a locker above the bed and a metal clothes hanger.

“You know how sometimes difficult to find housing for those who do not earn much? Better in this apartment to live than in the street,” added the mistress of the estate.
In the same house another tenant sublets more — as much as 9.3 square meter, but for a 4000 Hong Kong dollars (14 thousand). He said that the house good security. But to live in an apartment the size of a toilet, according to him, is simply ridiculous.

Netizens have criticized Wong for what she offers such little real estate under the guise of a full apartment.

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“She needs money, she rents this tiny space?”— wrote one user.
«Convenient location? What is its meaning, even if you are in the apartment can not walk?”— outraged the other.


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