Four minutes of gameplay of Negative space horror Atmosphere


Четыре минуты геймплея космического хоррора Negative AtmosphereNegative Atmosphere is created on the Unreal Engine 4.

Series Dead Space no signs of life in 2013. Electronic Arts is clearly in no hurry to bring it back, and no longer working in the company of the producer of the first game Glen Schofield (Glen Schofield) can only dream about working on a sequel. However, nothing prevents indie studios to create a series of inspired projects – like the Negative Atmosphere. Recently, developers from Sun Scorched Studios has published a gameplay snippet of the demo of their horror-ekshena from a third party, prepared for the London exhibition EGX Rezzed 2019.

According to the developers, is shown live (it is written in real time) – the result of “a busy five-month labor.” They were asked not to make any conclusions about the quality of the final product, since the release of the game may change significantly. According to project Manager Calvin Parsons (Calvin Parsons), on display in the demo I played about 1.5 thousand people. In the comments to the video users said that the Negative Atmosphere looks like “Dead Space, not only from Electronic Arts,” and noted that the publisher can learn from its authors.

Events Negative Atmosphere set against the backdrop of the cold war that engulfed the universe after humanity created artificial intelligence on the basis of the “organic cores”. The player will explore a cargo ship long distance TRH Rusanov in the role of the 49-year-old Samuel Edwards (Samuel Edwards), a former military medic. The ship has spread the mysterious disease that has turned all the staff and robots in “disgusting creatures, eager to destroy all around.” Edwards will have to fight with his former colleagues and “intelligent artificial creatures”, as well as to avoid dangers of the environment, to eventually abandon ship. As you progress on the game mental state of the protagonist will deteriorate, and reality will start to mix with hallucinations.

Negative Atmosphere is created on the Unreal Engine 4. The developers promise a wide Arsenal of weapons ranged and melee, but intend to follow the concept of survival horror: ammunition will always be missed. Also stated some dynamic events, stealth elements, segments in zero gravity and inscribed in the gaming world interface (the heart rate of the hero, changing along with the level of health, users will see on the monitor located on his back). Upon receipt of the damage on the character models will appear blood spots, scars, wounds and damaged limbs. Some robots will not only destroy, but also to crack.

Negative Atmosphere was originally a one man project, but now working on a team of 23 professionals. The Studio accepts donations on Patreon. These funds are needed to pay staff and purchase of software and licenses. Donors will get early access to demo (you need to pay at least $20), materials to create games and other bonuses.

This year will be a free demo available for all users and later developers are going to run a Kickstarter campaign. They hope to raise enough money to create a game lasting about seven hours with the “exclusive to indie projects level of buffing and attention to detail.” Negative Atmosphere is planned to be released for PC (Windows, macOS and Linux), but if the gamers will transfer sufficient funds, it will appear on consoles.


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