Found traces of the mass murder of children in Peru


Найдены следы массового убийства детей в ПеруExcavations were carried out at Pampa La Cruz in Trujillo.

A team of archaeologists has discovered on the Northern coast of Peru, the remains of more than 50 children, representatives of the pre-Columbian Chimu culture (South America) — which have been sacrificed.

The skeletons of children aged 6-14 years with remote chest were wrapped in cotton shrouds. It is noted that a mass grave is one kilometre to the North of Wanakita, where they found the bones of 140 children and 200 young lamas. However, according to scientists, in the course of excavations can be found even more remains.

The sacrifice of the coast took place over 600 years ago during the ritual, is designed to prevent catastrophic rains and floods caused by strong phases of El niño.

Another mass ritual murder in Wanakita has been estimated to be 550 years ago. The location is 300 meters from the Pacific ocean, among the residential areas outside the city of Trujillo in La Libertad region (Northwest Peru). This finding is the evidence of child sacrifice in Peru.

Pre-Columbian Chimu culture lasted from 1250 to 1470. The state where it originated, was called Chimera, and in the capital of Chan Chan lived up to 60 thousand people that made this city the largest Metropolitan area in South America at the time. In the beginning of XVI century Cimor won by the time the Incas were destroyed by Spanish conquistadors.


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