Found the remains of a fish with horse head


Найдены останки рыбы с головой лошади A strange discovery made in the Caribbean.

In the Caribbean region were found the remains of strange fishes, whose head is like a horse’s head. In addition, the establishment scored a huge number of teeth of impressive size.

The photo quickly spread on the network. According to the conjectures of Internet users, the fish was definitely deep-sea lived at a depth of several kilometers, where you do not get the rays of light. This, to some extent, indicate a rudimentary eye fish, which are unlikely to see something.

Huge teeth, most likely allowed the monster to hunt even the whales, biting off a small part of the body. Many were interested in the fact that the eyes of the underwater monster planted on the sides and front. Being 100% was severe predator, experts said.

Among users, there are skeptics who believe in hoaxes seen. So, strange fish could be a doll or a horse’s head, to which is attached a tail.

Cryptozoology, it is worth noting, does not exclude the existence of such creatures, because the World ocean is studied only on 5%.


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