Found the relationship between odors and the ability to remember information


New discovery scientists are quite unusual.

An international team of scientists claims that the disgusting odors, such as manure or rotten fish, can help in memorizing large volumes of information, according to the with reference to the Informant.

In 1972, the cognitive psychologist Endel Tulving divided the human memory into two types: episodic and semantic.

Episodic memory is responsible for memories about specific events, situations, and experiences that have strong emotional overtones.

Semantic memory is responsible for General knowledge of a person: words, rules, abstract ideas. It allows people to use languages.

These two types of memory can work together when a person needs to learn a lot of educational information, and it is remembered better, if you write it in your personal experience.

If you associate new information with the most disgusting smell you, the successful memorization secured, the researchers say. They tested this method on a group of teenagers and adults.

Study participants were asked to complete several tasks on memorization: some were strengthened disgusting smell and others don’t. After 24 hours, the researchers tested how people remembered information tasks with scents deposited in the memory much stronger.


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