Found the oldest example of abstract painting


Найден древнейший образец абстрактной живописиThe find is a otshchep.

Archaeologists discovered in South African cave subject, proving that abstract painting was available to the ancestors of the people of at least 30 thousand years earlier than was thought before.

Discovery, which according to an article in the journal Nature, done in the cave Blombos on the South coast of South Africa, previously known thanks to the discovery in her jewelry shells made by early Homo sapiens.

The find is a otshchep, made of rocks shilkret where careful scientists noticed three red stripes, intersecting with six other lines. Which meant this symbol is unlikely to find out, but scientists are sure that they were dealt a man deliberately using chalk from the red ochre.

To prove that drawing was the result of human rather than natural creation, the researchers used a spectroscopic method, proving that the lines made on the basis of ocher. “This remarkable discovery at least 30 thousand years older than the earliest examples of abstract painting, known first,” explained the scientists in his article. They report that informed the designs consisting of intersecting lines have been found on other artifacts from this cave.


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